Being edgy is not bad. The difference between good and bad ”edgy”

Edgy is an overused word in the anime community, and it has become simply a buzzword for basically everything ”teenage angst” related. I believe that’s because we are using  it wrong. Let’s get a better understanding of what I think we should be saying instead.
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The Monogatari Series is Highly dependant on it’s visuals: Randumb post of the week #1

Kind of a rant on what makes the show so unappealling to some people.
It’s a comment i made on a video, that ended up big enough for a blog post, so why not?

 Monogatari is totally dependant of it’s visuals. It’s not a major point to why i like it, but a major point to why i watched it. The shows relies too much on that, wich makes everything uninteresting for someone who didn’t like the visuals. It presses all of the wrong buttons for someone who isn’t imediately hooked. The more you watch without being interested the worse it gets. I can definately see someone not getting the appeal of the show when they don’t like the visuals, since there’s nothing to keep your eyes on the screen and serve as eye-candy, it’s only annoying.
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