ZACH HILL – FACE TAT. What kind of magic is this?

zach hill wallpaperr

This album literaly feels, sounds, smells and looks like magic. That’s how magical it is. It gets you to mosh like you would in a metal concert, dance weirdly like you would at a Death Grips song, and ┬áchill like you you just don’t care. It’s cocaine, acid, marijuana, all of the drugs basically…but you know, without the bad parts.

All that is great about this album is what music is suposed to be about to me. It is experimental and really feels like someone is experimenting in their lab and going crazy with their instruments, testing weird unknown things one after the other just to get the calculated accident that you never knew you wanted. And I can say for sure, I have allways wanted an accident like this.

This is drumming on top of ”orchestral talking”, weird keyboards, crazy guitars,┬árepeting samples of whatever the hell, on top of more drumming. All of that with amateurish massive production with gain and reverb extremely high sometimes. And I mean all of that in a good way.

It is an album that brings all of your most primal feelings to the surface, such beauty is not to be heard sitting still on a chair, with headphones on. It should be blasted on your speakers to a point where you will be doubting the safety of your stereo and probably doubting the safety of your ears. But of course, you won’t think of that while your listening to it.

The best track on the album – ”The primitives talk”, talks for itself. You will meet with your primitive self and it will start a conflict with your mind when listening to it. But different from what the songtitle suggests, you will be speechless.

Just like the album cover, the record sets things on fire, and sometimes you just feel like giving yourself to the flames. Because they are indeed beautiful.


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