Cowboy Bebop has the best first episode ever.

cowboy bebop spike wallpaper

I have watched it like 5 times, but never got past the first 5 or 6 episodes of the show because I could never find it in good quality(I live in Brazil, not a lot of stuff gets here). But now I have found it and I’m watching it.

The first episode of the show is already a great dose of smooth vibes, action, and drama, that sets my expectations high. It’s a great example of an opening episode that could be stand-alone easily. It has it’s own story with a beggining, middle, climax and end: Spike and Jet look for a guy, the guy is a drug dealer on the run away to Mars with his pregnant woman(girlfriend, wife,something), Spike almost catches them but the police is faster,- Surprise! The woman isn’t pregnant, she was actually carrying contraband under her dress – the woman kills the guy , and then the police kills her, creating a beautiful image of test tubes, filled with the ”red-eye” drug(Or shotguns shells, but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, I’m not sure), hidden in the woman’s dress flying out of the airship with her when getting shot down by a barrage of bullets coming straight at the vehicle.
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But the most interesting part of this episode is the message it gets across about the monotony of life and having to keep moving on independantly of whatever happens. Life continues, and as bad as anything can get, it’s only negative, it will never make your life more exciting. At least that’s the message I get from the episode, and what aparently most people do too. There’s no surprise there that so many adults can relate to these characters and their regimen, wich consists of whatever the hell they have at the time, therefore, creating the beefless ”beef and pepper”. In the end, they still end up having ”special beef and pepper”, but this time, Spike doesn’t even say a word. That’s just regular everyday stuff for him.

So let’s talk about the crew, Spike and Jet. Spike is probably around 30 years old, since he said he has had his ship for 15 years now, and he is a very chill, relaxed, person, very quick and great fighter. Also really reckless. Jet is the responsable one and definately older than Spike. He basically takes care of Spike and the ship-named after an improvisation style of jazz-, Bebop. Just from this episode we can kinda tell that even though they are friends, co-workers and comrades, there isn’t still a greater connection between them. This can be proved a few episodes ahead, when Spike asks why Jet has never told him about how he got his robotic arm.

And talking about future episodes, this one has a lot of foreshadowing, that can be mistaken as flashbacks really easily -that being part of the intention of those scenes, obviously-. We know that Spike has been, or will be through some shit and that serves as a great way to keep the audience hooked and hyped for the end of the show. It definately keeps a lot of people from dropping it early on, since it creates suspense that will probably only be payed back in the last episode, but will keep people interested until something else that interests them happens, or they just quit after waiting for some conclusion.

Overall thoughts: Great, I love it as a first episode, would love as a single episode OVA, and will probably love the show overall.

PS: Yeah, I kinda disappeared for a week. That’s depression for you kids…or adults, I don’t fucking know, I’m probably the youngest one doing this right now.


2 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop has the best first episode ever.

  1. My husband and I busted started it this week. We really enjoyed Samauri Champloo and found out the same person made this. I think we’re about at the same place episode 5 or 6. It seems the same as Samauri Champloo but different. Love the music, characters, and story so far. And you’re right the first episode could’ve been a great episode on its on. I’m interested to see how everything will play out now that some story is starting to build for the series with this dog, the girl, and their individual pasts.

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