Carpe Diem and what Space Dandy really is about:


If you ask anyone what Space Dandy is about, a word that will definately pop up is ”fun”. Some would say that the show is just about that. And to some degree, I think that’s exactly it.

Before thinking of what Space Dandy is about, we have to think about what Dandy, the character is about. He never makes it clear what his objectives in life are. He actually does the exact opposite when talking about going with the flow and letting life take him where it wants.

But there is one thing that he does talk about a lot. And that is going to Boobies, the ”maid” café (let’s just call it that) that he frequents for what seems like purely interest in the waitresses.

Dandy is truly a representation and defensor of freedom of speech, but even more, of Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem is basically the idea of enjoying the most you can of each and every day, thinking just about the present without worrying about the future.

Dandy’s only desire to go to Boobies every day and his action on the end of the show are the best examples of this. When given the opportunity to be a god, Dandy refuses it because that means not being able to do what he likes to do the most: Chill out at boobies. We then see that his decision generates a loop that would always result in Dandy having to choose between becoming a god or continuing to live eternaly the same life. Dandy’s reaction to this is pretty relaxed and shows how much Dandy just doesn’t worry about the future.

So what is the series about? It is about what it is.
What better way to make a show about the idea of Carpe Diem than with an episodic show in wich the main characters are constantly dying and showing up again in another weird adventure that may even include turning everyone in the whole world into zombies. Each episode is more fun than the other and most of all, they are the most fun they can be during the 23 minutes that the characters take to eventually blow up, get lost in another world, or as said previously, turn into zombies.

While Dandy is a representation and defensor of the idea, Space Dandy is Carpe Diem itself. If you haven’t seen it yet, i highly recommend it. Have fun!


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