You don’t remember great anime, you remember great Feelings. RPOTW #2

While browsing my favorites list wondering wich shows needed rewatching, I noticed something really interesting. All of them, could be defined in one or two feelings.
For example:

Serial Experiments Lain: Confusion.
Space Dandy: Passion.

”But that’s kinda the point right? To be good, a show needs to make you feel something.”

True, but…

There are many really good shows that do a lot well, and I enjoyed watching, but in the end, they didn’t mean a lot me. They won’t mean anything to me two months after watching.
Sure, it may have had the best animation, the best cinematography, best fights, or whatever, but that isn’t enough to keep me thinking about it for the next couple of months.
>Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 

But you know what gets us thinking? Real Life. You definately won’t remember the best meal you have ever  had as good as you remember your first kiss. It might have been a while ago, but still, the feelings that came from that experience were a lot more intense than just eating something.
The shows that gets you to feel a certain feeling like you have never felt before, are the ones that get to your top list.

A show might leave an impression on you because of it’s great dialogue, or great fight scenes, but to be your favorite and leave a Mark on you, it needs to make you feel the most intense of a certain feeling that you have ever felt and didn’t expect to experience while watching a work of fiction.
So I want you to go to your favorites list now and check this out. Try to sum up the ”main feelings” of a show and see if I at least make 75% a point.

(I’ts not like there aren’t exceptions to this though. There are also shows that don’t get my  8/10 but still were able to make me feel somewhat different. Those easily stick out
>Kimi Ni Todoke)

And that’s why I have to rewatch a lot of stuff, it’s making me crazy. Expect something Psycho-pass related since I’m gonna rewatch it. I remember liking it a lot, but I zoned out too many times because of unrelated stuff. It might be a ”Randumb post of the week”, but I dont know, this post was already  aproached with the same thought proccess as one of those.
”Cause I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel…”

Some shit’s been happening in my personal life and it seems like some higher power doesn’t want me to actually start making good content regularly. So for now, just a ”RandumbPostOfTheWeek”.


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