Evangelion’s genius repetitive(/Redundant?) scenes that add deepness to the characters.

Do you remember Evangelion’s scenes where Shinji was listening to music when everybody was asleep? Of course you do! But what do they mean? You probably never stopped to think about them right?
”But what do you mean? It’s not like that matters, it’s just a way to show his depressive and reclusive atitude.”
Aaaaand that’s where you’re wrong buddy.
Think about how 90% of the show was exploring characters heads, their thoughts and feelings. And when it wasn’t doing that, it was actually still doing it undirectely, by the means of some subttle movements made by the characters and interesting shot compositions.
So why wouldn’t that mean something too?

(Just let me clarify that i haven’t seen the rebuilds yet. I’ve heard that there’s a scene where Shinji talks about this, but i don’t know)

When you wake up at night, if you even slept,that is, and can’t get sleep, what do you do? You stare at the ceiling thinking. You start to philosophize, and go into these long proccessess of thought that only end when you eventualy fall asleep. So what does a 14year old boy think about when that happens?
The things is, Shinji is not just any 14 year old boy, he’s not thinkin about his crush, his thinking about the fate of the whole goddam fucking planet being in his hands, the blood of his friends. His thinking about how no one likes him and how he doesn’t see a meaning in life and a purpose to save the world. Why save the world?Why care about the world if the world doesn’t care about him besides his use as a weapon?
Placing the fate of mankind in the hands of a depressed 14year old is the last thing you want to do, and that’s one of the things that are simple, but if you stop to think about, it’s why Eva is so genius. That’s the best scenario you could put psychologically fucked people into if you wanna see the worst of the human mind.

So just like any other depressed 14year old, Shinji listening to music is his way to escape reality. But he fails, as it is aparent by his disturbed face and dificulty to sleep.

Little things like showing him not being able to sleep, listening to music staring at nothing, adds deepness to the character. You might have never stopped to think about it, but that’s probably why it worked.
We are not just seeing the boy’s thoughts and actions during the most important fights and decisions. We also get to see him alone, thinking, like he should be, when he has that much responsability in his hands.
Being an Eva pilot isn’t easy.

PS:There are actually a lot more of these genius repetitive scenes in Eva, but seeing how much i can expand on each of them, i might make a series of short posts like this talking briefly about these scenes.


3 thoughts on “Evangelion’s genius repetitive(/Redundant?) scenes that add deepness to the characters.

  1. “Little things like showing him not being able to sleep, listening to music staring at nothing, adds deepness to the character.”

    Agreed. Theses subtleties really put meat on his character

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  2. I definitely think Evangelion struck me for its focus on character over action. Granted, it has some amazing fight scenes, but the vast majority of the screen time is dedicated to slow, character driven tension, and for the most part the fights are all built around those tensions.

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    • Yeah, I would even say Eva has the best fight scenes, because of stuff like this. It really creates tension on scenes that could otherwise be really direct about character’s feelings. The subtlety really helps in this cases.

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