First impressions of Sound of the Sky(Episodes 1-2):

Man, how can something have so many flaws and still be fun? I guess, like this. Well, it’s not like they are huge flaws, but they are sure questionable. But they don’t bother me at all. If anything, they just make it more fun.

 Until now, most of the flaws are nitpicky, but fun to poke fun at, making it not a problem(for me at least)

But one thing that’s pretty obvious, is how extremely cliche the characters are. They all follow some type of trope. There’s the nice big-boobed blonde big sister, the tsundere loli, the responsable big sister, and of course, the dead pan loli. BUT, there is a but. Actually lots of butts, in the opening, but we’ll get to that later.
While characters have not shown a lot to dismiss the fact that they are basically all following their tropes by the book, they have also not shown to be that shallow. While their personalities might be cliche, the characters themselves are more than just what we’re used to see fitting into those tropes. They don’t seem that Generic.

OP and ED
But now let’s talk about the butts. The OP is really good, and definetely not what i expected to see in a A-1 Pictures show. But, like I said, there are butts. It’s not that big of a deal(To be honest, i don’t even care, i just find it funny), but still, kinda unecessary. It’s not even fan-service, it just looks ugly.
And there’s not much to say about the ED, except that it’s pretty good. I like it.

The strenghts of the show so far:
-The visuals: Character desingns and the overall aesthetic(Insert FrankJavMeme here) of the setting.
-The music: It fits perfectly the setting, you could even add musicians playing in the background and it wouldn’t even feel wrong.
-The silence: One of the reasons why the music works well and fits in the show so perfectly is because of the moments of silence between them. The director definetely knows how to give the viewers ears a break when needed.
-The chemistry between Kanata and Rio.

What i expect from it:

I just expect that it doesn’t just stay the same, even though i’ve been liking it so far, i don’t know if i can handle a slice-of-life show like this. If something big doesn’t start happening by the next few episodes, i’ll probably drop it. I expect more focus on the main character’s learning of the trumpet. And less of Tsundere Loli. Maybe more of Responsable Purple hair big sister(Rio).

PS: If i end up enjoying this, it will be the first A-1 Pictures show that i will have had a positive experience with.

Edit after watching ep3: OH MY GOD MY WISHES CAME TRUE.


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