What makes art, Art

Shitty post I made when I started the blog cause ‘why not’? Proceed with caution.

The value of Subjectivity, critics and yourself in Art:

Art is something made by humans for humans. It is the manifestation of human feelings in some form of materialistic ‘thing’ with, or without, entertainment purposes. So why should it have some kinda of Objectivity connected to it’s quality and meaning? If we, as humans are imperfect, how could something made by us be judged with such perfectionist standarts?
There is no right and wrong for what you enjoy, and so there isn’t for what is good and bad when talking about art.

”But if something isn’t entertaining, it’s bad right?”

Yes, it is! But not for the people who enjoyed it.
When talking about this subject, something i come across is the question of ”then what is the value of critics and criticism” .
To start of, no critic is ever ”right”. They are stil humans. ”So why are their opinions more valuable then ours?”-You might be asking. The thing is, the job of a critic is not to say what is good and what is bad, it is to help people find and produce better stuff. Their words carry more weight due to the information and experience they also carry.

Why having experienced more art means having better ”taste”:

Patience. That’s the answer. When experiencing much of something, we start noticing what made us like some pieces, and what made us dislike others. That happens subconciously because of our patience. We don’t have all of the time in the world, and after seeing the same things being done multiple times, we notice if that something is what can make something more, or less enjoyable, thus…
Critics have less patience for seeing things that have been done better being done badly, and know what to point out to justify their opinions.

Criticism is like hbomberguy(videogame critic) said: ”…not a competition with the goal to be the smartest, it’s a conversation with the goal to help come up with a useful perspective together.”

In the end, art is something that should be seen as what happens between the work and the viewer/consumer, and not the work and the creator. The work of art should speak for itself.
The human behind of the work is what makes it art, however, how art manages to speak to you, is what makes art…”Art”.
Some other stuff by other people on the subject:

-TheNeedleDrop’s(Music Critic) vlog: ”Opinions Change”

-Digibro’s(Anime Critic) vlog: ”Objectivively’ good doesn’t f*cking exist!”

(This one is a drunken rant, so beware of some strong language and weird behavior)

And this is the hbomberguy video i quoted: ”Bethesda VS Critics: How To Save The Games Industry”


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